Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Tour of Filmore October 5th 9 am

65 miles of fall classic.  After the Almanzo Gentleman's ride and before the Filthy 50.  Totally free.

This is a beautiful and challenging route with serious hills and incredible scenic valleys.  There will be a water station on the route as well as a place to refuel if necessary.

We will ride from  Sylvan Park at 9 am with registration from 8-8:45.

CRS routes for Garmin, GPX and cue cards will all be made available for download/printing no later than October 1st.

Will do something to keep everyone together and share some food and drink after the ride, most likely a BBQ.

Registration is open now and will remain open unless we hit 150 riders.  If 150 riders has not been hit before the day of ALL riders who show up will be allowed to ride.  I do not expect that many people-  I do expect that everyone who does ride will have an incredible time.

Want in?   email  or join up on Facebook.

I ride in this area a lot and will be updated over the summer with more pictures of the course-  stay tuned.


  1. Potluck at Dickie was great! Could be a post-game option for Filmore.

  2. I'm hoping potluck with grills available!